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A clean lawn is a healthy lawn…

For a healthy lawn, leaf removal and leaf raking should definitely be part of your regular fall lawn maintenance routine, and Pushmowers Lawn Care is the best South Charlotte lawn care company for the job!

Leaf cleanup can be a real hassle. Whether you use a rake, a leaf vacuum, or a leaf blower, it can take hours to remove the leaves and other autumn lawn debris from your beautiful landscape. And once you do, you’re likely to have more leaves fall in the midst of the changing seasons, and you’ll just have to do it all over again.

This is especially true in small-town neighborhoods like Indian Trail, Matthews, Mint Hill, or Monroe, where the landscapes tend to have a lot of foliage. Pushmowers Lawn Care is located in Mint Hill, but we proudly service all residents of surrounding areas as well. If you’re looking for lawn care services in Indian Trail or South Charlotte, look no further!

Our leaf removal system is highly efficient and cost effective, no matter the size of your lawn or the amount of debris. Our yard clean up prices are reasonable and affordable. With over 20 years of experience using various leaf raking systems, from hand rakes to high-powered machines, we are familiar with the best methods for cleaning up your lawn.

leaf remover
Our leaf remover makes the leaf cleanup process highly efficient and cost-effective!

Without regular leaf cleanup, your lawn can fall prey to moist weather conditions and your grass can end up being smothered by wet leaves, dead branches, and other fallen debris that can negatively impact the health of your lawn. This results in your grass not growing in green and full like it should. In addition to aeration and seeding, fall clean up for your yard should definitely be a part of your lawn maintenance. And it comes standard with our fall lawn care services package.

For South Mecklenburg and Union County lawn service that’s unlike any other, call Pushmowers Lawn Care or fill out the form on this page for a free quote! 

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