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Add color to your landscape.

There’s a reason why spring and fall are everyone’s favorite seasons. (And it’s not just because of the moderate temperatures, though 70-degree weather with low humidity is pretty great…)

Spring and fall are beautiful seasons. As the leaves change from green to brown, showing their full color spectrum of everything in between … red, auburn, orange, mustard, lemon … the fall season beckons us to spend more time outdoors. And in spring, when the gorgeous flowers begin to bloom on trees and bushes, we can’t help but want to stop and smell them—even in the midst of the pollen-dusted cars and pollution that make us sneeze.

But you don’t have to wait until fall or spring to enjoy color. Beautify your landscape in every season with colorful plants that enhance curb appeal. From small flowering plants to bushes and even small trees, our team has the eye and expertise required to make your lawn even more beautiful with floriculture and planting services. Not sure what plants will look best and be easiest to maintain with your current landscape? We can make solid recommendations that you’ll appreciate for years to come—even through harsh-weather seasons.

Don’t worry about the cost of landscaping. We are professionals with 20+ years of experience working with residents in Indian Trail, South Charlotte and surrounding areas. We can work with you on any budget to build the perfect landscape that’s beautiful and easy to maintain. We also use the best preparation techniques to ensure your flower beds and lawn remain weed-free for as long as possible.

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